Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County (ALAPC)

The non-profit Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County was founded on 22 January 1992. The founding members were the ten first-level local authorities of Pärnu County: Halinga, Häädemeeste, Paikuse, Saarde, Sauga, Surju, Tori, and Uulu rural municipalities, Pärnu-Jaagupi town, and Kilingi-Nõmme city. The first statute constituted that the ALAPC is a voluntary association consisting of the municipal councils of rural municipalities, cities, and towns. Its main objective was to represent and protect the general interests of its members and work together in questions regarding the local authorities. The number of members in the ALAPC has constantly changed and so far, the local authorities of Pärnu County have not been part of the ALAPC at the same time. The number of members has remained between 13–23 (the number of local authorities has decreased from 24 to 20).

In 2006, Pärnu city, the largest local authority of the county, joined the Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County for the first time. 96.6% of the population of Pärnu County lives in the local authorities of the ALAPC. The highest governing body of the Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County is the General Assembly, which, in accordance with the statutes of the ALAPC, includes the representatives of the members – usually, the head of the government of the local authority and the chairman of the council. If necessary, the representatives of Pärnu County will come together and form a county assembly to exchange information and provide new guidelines for action. 

The day-to-day operation of the ALAPC is managed by a bureau that consists of the chair of the board, a board member, secretary, and an accountant. Additionally, the heads of the government also assemble regularly.

The following people have been the chairs of the General Assembly of the Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County: Margus Murulauk, chair of the governing body of first-level local authorities, convener and head of the founding meeting of the ALAPC, rural municipality mayor of Sauga; Endel Mäemets, the first chair of the ALAPC in 1992, rural municipality mayor of Halinga; Rein Vaher, chair in 1992–1995, rural municipality mayor of Häädemeeste; Sirje Jõgiste, chair in 1996, rural municipality mayor of Tahkuranna; Kuno Erkmann, chair in 1996–2005, rural municipality mayor of Paikuse; Eeri Tammik, chair in 2005–2007, rural municipality mayor of Tahkuranna; Andres Metsoja, chair since 2007 (since 2008, chair of the board), rural municipality mayor of Kaisma; Ahti Kõo, chair in 2008–2009 until the local authority elections, chair of Pärnu City Council. Cardo Remmel was the chair from December 2009 until the local authority elections of 2013, chair of Pärnu City Council.Meelis Lukk has been the chair of the General Assembly since December 2013, deputy mayor of Pärnu. The deputy chair is Ülle Vapper, rural municipality mayor of Halinga.

Andres Metsoja has been chair of the General Assembly since 2017, and the deputy chair is Mikk Pikkmets.