About Pärnu County

Pärnu County is the largest county in Estonia and approximately 220 km of it is surrounded by the sea. 10,000 years ago, the first human set their foot on the local ground and on 23 February 1918, the Estonian Declaration of Independence was read out in Pärnu.

National leaders, Olympic winners and great champions, national writers, composers and poets, and world famous conductors have born or lived in Pärnu County.

Here, you will find music festivals and master classes known in Estonia and the rest of the world, in addition to exhibitions, film festivals, concerts for every preference, meaningful theatre plays, song and dance festivals with a long tradition, music and food festivals, and exciting sports competitions with a lot of participants.

We have places to visit and spend time at, and the entire family will find something to do. The Soomaa National Park, the cultural space of Kihnu, the Pärnu County Environmental Education Centre, Lotte Village, Auto24 racetrack, recreational trails at Jõulumäe, dune forests, long sandy beaches, various tourism farms, Pärnu water parks, spas, architecture, promenades, and parks. We have the sea, rivers, and lakes.

Pärnu County offers a spacious living environment, clean nature, an enterprising spirit, and hard-working and nice people. It is worth it to come here, live here, study, play, and work here, and enjoy the local culture of excellence.

Pärnu County is a historic county in Estonia that was formed in the areas belonging Sakala County and Lääne County (to the Bishopric of Ösel–Wiek) in the 16–18th century. The historic Pärnu County was significantly larger than the modern Pärnu County, as it used to include a part of Viljandi County: the area around Abja, Halliste, and Karksi-Nuia, a part of the current Rapla County, and the area around Lelle and Käru.

Pärnu County is located in southwestern Estonia. Its neighbours are Lääne County in the north-west, Rapla County in the north, Viljandi County in the northeast, and Saare County in the west. The southern border of Pärnu County neighbours the Republic of Latvia.