The cultural life of Pärnu County is active and diverse. People from Pärnu and other places have enjoyed plays at Endla Theatre for decades. The Pärnu Concert Hall has become a popular destination in our cultural landscape and its visitors can enjoy high-quality concerts. Music Festival Järvi in Pärnu and master classes attract participants from all over the world. The City Orchestra offer its listeners professional musical delights. The Pärnu Museum reflects on the 10,000 years of local history of human activity. Our local song and dance festivals help prepare for national festivals. Art enthusiasts can visit the Pärnu City Gallery and the Museum of New Art. Several thematic festivals, concerts, and shows have been launched. 

Folk Central Agency of Pärnu County

Pärnu theater "Endla"

Pärnu  Concert Hall

Apollo Cinema

Pärnu Museum

Pärnu Film Festival

Romantic Coastline